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Register of interests would improve doctors' transparency

A new register of doctors' interests would help the profession

Should there be a national diabetes screening programme?

National Screening Committee is looking at diabetes once again and I for one am pleased

GLP-1 agonists: moving towards disappointment?

We're desperate for new drugs for people with T2DM and weight issues but are the GLP-1 agonists all they're cracked up to be

Once bitten twice shy over Degludec

Imagine an insulin requiring once weekly injection...

The Circle of (diabetic) Life

The latest class of oral hypoglycaemic is taking us back to the beginning

Have we over reacted about Pio?

Pioglitazone-containing anti-diabetes medicines may not be as dangerous as we think

How will we afford the diabetes epidemic?

A blog discussing how the cost of diabetes impacts on the NHS

A pregnant pause in diabetes treatment...

Difficulties in diagnosing GDM stems from discordant recommendations

Glimmer of hope for obese type 2 patients

A more positive - and lighter - future for those on insulin-initiation

Avoid the mistakes of the past with new drugs

More evidence needed prior to adoption of new hypoglycaemic drugs

Avoiding the language of control with diabetes

What's the best word for discussing long term glycaemic regulation with our patients?

Hello, hello, hello, what’s going on here then...

DVLA's requirements damage the therapeutic relationship with the patient

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Jeremy Turner A consultant diabetologist and endocrinologist in Norfolk, and author of Diabetes Bible

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