Diabetes-related complications have a big impact on healthcare costs

Diabetic complications are associated with substantial immediate and long-term healthcare costs.

New estimates of these costs, derived from detailed recent UK Prospective Diabetes Study post-trial data, should aid researchers and health policy analyses.

The estimated (95% CI) inpatient care costs (in 2012 pounds sterling) in the event year for the example of a 60-year-old man were: non-fatal ischaemic heart disease £9767 (£7038–£12 696); amputation £9546 (£6416–£13 463); non-fatal stroke £6805 (£3856–£10 278); non-fatal myocardial infarction £6379 (£4290–£8339); fatal stroke £3954 (£2012–£6428); fatal ischaemic heart disease £3766 (£746–£5512); heart failure £3191 (£1678–4903); fatal myocardial infarction £1521 (£647–£2670); and blindness in one eye £1355 (£415–£2655). 

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