NICE guidance

Type 1 diabetes in adults: diagnosis and management (August 2015)

Diabetes (type 1 and type 2) in children and young people: diagnosis and management (August 2015)  

Type 2 diabetes: the management of type 2 diabetes (May 2009)

Preventing type 2 diabetes: population and community-level interventions (May 2011)

Preventing type 2 diabetes: prevention in people at high risk (July 2012)

Type 2 diabetes: prevention and management of foot problems (August 2015)

Diabetes in pregnancy: management from pre-conception to the postnatal period (February 2015)

Insulin pump therapy (July 2008)

Liraglutide guidance (October 2010)

Neuropathic pain: the pharmacological management of neuropathic pain in adults (November 2013)


Joint British Diabetes Society guidance

Hospital management of hypoglycaemia in adults with diabetes mellitus (September 2013)

Management of diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) in adults (September 2013)

Management of adults with diabetes undergoing surgery and elective procedures (September 2015)

Self-management of diabetes in hospital (March 2012)

Glycaemic management during the inpatient enteral feeding of stroke patients with diabetes (June 2012)

The management of hyperosmolar hyperglycaemic state (HHS) in adults with diabetes (August 2012)

Admission avoidance and diabetes: guidance for clinical commisioning groups and clinical teams (December 2013)

Management of hyperglycaemia and steroid (glucocorticoid) therapy (October 2014)

The use of variable rate intravenous insulin infusion in medical inpatients (October 2014)


Association of British Clinical Diabetologists

ABCD position statement on the management of hypogonadal males with type 2 diabetes (December 2010)

Diabetesbible is for health professionals