User Guide

Diabetesbible is a free diagnostic and management tool for health professionals. This website was developed to bring together the key features of diabetes history taking, examination and diagnosis. It grew out of a desire to ensure that patients referred to diabetes departments are assessed thoroughly, and managed in the same way, whichever team member first assesses them.

Diabetesbible can be used interactively in clinic by any doctor considering a diagnosis. It's also a detailed educational resource for students and trainees alike.

At the bottom of the home page, there are nine clickable tabs - Symptoms, Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, Gestational, Others, Emergencies, Complications, Circumstances, Guidelines. If you click on Symptoms, it will take you through to a page on which you can match symptoms to potential conditions within diabetes. If you click on the other tabs on the top row, it will take you to the History page of the named condition.

Suitable questions are included to elicit as many symptoms of this disease as possible (click on the questions to receive a more detailed explanation).

From this point, it is easy to navigate (via a separate menu bar at the top of the page) to the Examination, Investigation and Management sections for the same condition. These include the key features to look for when examining the patient to support this diagnosis; the initial and advanced investigations required; and, finally, an overview of current management. These pages also include links to the detailed protocols for each investigation, and the latest national or international guidelines for that condition.

Diabetesbible also covers the emergencies, complications and specific circumstances doctors might encounter.

Quick access to a complete list of all the symptoms, conditions and investigations is provided in the menu bar at the top of the home page.

Use the Search function to source specific symptoms, tests and conditions.

No website or text book can cover all eventualities, and Diabetesbible is not a substitute for clinical experience. However, it aims to be an accessible, useful reference tool, promoting wider understanding of diabetes diagnosis and management.

We want Diabetesbible to remain up-to-date and continue to reflect best practice. Please help us to do this. If you have relevant comments or additions email

Diabetesbible is for health professionals